Simulation of Parallel robot with SDF model, problem with joint velocity control

asked 2016-10-11 11:52:24 -0500

Mojzar gravatar image

Hi everyone, I newbie in the Gazebo. In one of my projects I need to simulate a parallel robot and implement its controller in the ROS environment. To do that, based on the parallel structure of the model I had been allowed to use SDF model. The SDF model of the intended model have been provided and when I insert the robot in the Gazebo the joints and links are seemed right. I have used ROS based plugin such as the joint trajectory plugin and ros joint state publisher plugin in the SDF model. Position of joints publish without problem in the ROS but the problem starts when I set out to adjust the velocity and position of the actuators in order to control the robot. I use the following command to set joint position:

rostopic pub -r 20 /set_joint trajectory_msgs/JointTrajectory '{header: {frame_id: "arm1"}, joint_names: ["Base-arm1"], points: [{positions: [0.01]}]}'

When I use the above, the intended link moves arbitrary! Unfortunately, I am not able to use ros control plugin for SDF model. Is there anything wrong? How can I set the joints velocity and position of the designed robot? Thanks in advanced.

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