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make a noise laser model following the tutorial but didn't work

asked 2016-10-15 23:19:51 -0500

shawnysh gravatar image

follow the tutorial:

1.create a model directory

2.create a model config file, and paste content

3.create a sdf file, and paste content from tutorial

4.start gazebo, insert noisy laser, and then gazebo became dark and stuck

this is the tutorial link :

I check the sdf content from tutorial, where it contains the mesh information including uri pointing to hokuyo/meshes/hokuyo.dae , but actually, there is no such directory and file at all. It is confusing.

Looking forward your answer, thx.

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-10-21 09:37:19 -0500

pcdangio gravatar image

The reason gazebo is freezing (going black) is because it can't find the hokuyao.dae mesh, exactly as you suspected.

The tutorial you mentioned is missing a prerequisite step. You first need to download the "hokuyo" model from gazebo's model repository. The first time you insert a model from the gazebo repository, it gets downloaded and saved to your local model directory. So once you insert the hokuyo model from the repository, the hokuyo model and associated mesh files will appear in your model directory. Gazebo will then be able to find "model://hokuyo/meshes/hokuyo.dae" just fine.

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