SDF model initializes failed in Gazebo 6, but success after retrying `roslaunch`

asked 2016-10-22 07:20:50 -0600

Weiwei gravatar image


When I tried to spawn an SDF model into Gazebo through (already doing source devel/setup.bash)

roslaunch polaris_simple_control_plugin empty_world.launch

the SDF model initializes failed sometimes.

  • Some partitions lost image description
  • Or the vehicle runs away quickly in the Gazebo world

After quitting the Gazebo and doing roslaunch again,

we could get the normal model as shown in the following image

image description

  • all parts appears correctly
  • the vehicle stops in the world until we send command to it.


  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Gazebo 6
  • ROS Jade

Source Code

The source code is at

The SDF model is at


I googled on above situations but didn't get anything that looked promising.

  • Is this situation a version conflict between ROS Jade and Gazebo 6?
  • Is this related to SDF model loading sequences?
  • How could we avoid this situation correctly?


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