I can see some gazebo topics, but not all of them...

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I'm writing a matlab interface to gazebo. I have code that, when run from the command line, sees all of the gazebo topics I'm expecting, eg

gazebo::transport::get_master_uri(_master_host, _master_port);
std::cout << "Host: " << _master_host << "\tport: " << _master_port <<"\n";

topics_list = gazebo::transport::getAdvertisedTopics("");
for(std::list<std::string>::iterator topic=topics_list.begin(); topic!=topics_list.end(); topic++) {
    std::cout << (*topic) << "\n";

gives the expected result, which is around fifty different topics. But that same code, when copied into a mex file (a specialized C++ plugin format for Matlab), and executed as a Matlab plugin, only returns a subset of the topics:

Host: localhost port: 11345

Topics that do not show up include


I'm kind of at a loss. Is there anything special about these particular topics that would cause partially functioning code, or code that was being executed in a strange environment or with misconfigured environmental variables, to see them but not others?

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Can you add the topics which are missing to your question? (at least a few of them)

chapulina gravatar imagechapulina ( 2016-12-22 15:48:55 -0600 )edit

None of the topics created by my robot plugin show up, eg /gazebo/default/my_robot/joint_cmd But there are others that don't show up either, including: /gazebo/default/user_camera/joy_pose /gazebo/default/user_camera/joy_twist /gazebo/default/ground_plane/link/wrench /gazebo/default/gzclient_camera/cmd /gazebo/default/skeleton_pose/info /gazebo/default/sky /gazebo/default/light /gazebo/default/model/modify

GlenH gravatar imageGlenH ( 2016-12-22 17:20:23 -0600 )edit

Mysterious... When you check on the command line with `gz topic -l`, do all of them show?

chapulina gravatar imagechapulina ( 2016-12-22 17:41:58 -0600 )edit

Yep. Every last one of them. I can also issue a "system" command inside Matlab, which issues a shell command, eg system('\usr\local\bin\gz topic -l') and that *also* returns all of the topics.

GlenH gravatar imageGlenH ( 2016-12-22 17:44:22 -0600 )edit

One potentially pertinent fact: Matlab links against a bunch of the same libraries gazebo does, including boost and protobuf. But Matlab's versions are typically a couple of versions older than gazebo's. When building my MEX file I have tried both dynamically linking to dylibs and statically linking to .a files. Neither one seems to make any difference, but it's possible that I'm not seeing a dependency somewhere.

GlenH gravatar imageGlenH ( 2016-12-22 17:48:13 -0600 )edit