Gazebo Link Inspector Not Updating Pose Values

asked 2016-12-30 12:02:56 -0600

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Hi, I am trying to use the model editor in Gazebo 7.0.0 to make the simple 4 wheeled robot in the tutorial here: Gazebo Tutorial. I made the body with no issues, I can drag the box around and adjust the values in the Link Inspector. The first wheel was the same, but then when I made the second wheel, I can adjust the size of the cylinder, but when I change the pose in the Link Inspector, it doesn't update in the world, and when I rotate the cylinder in the world, it doesn't update in the Link Inspector. Attached is a screenshot of the issue. I have tried closing and reopening the Link Inspector, but that doesn't fix it. Any ideas on how to remedy this? Thanks, luketheduke

image description

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The pose you're showing on the inspector is the inertial pose. Could you please scroll down to the bottom and check if the link pose is not updating?

chapulina gravatar imagechapulina ( 2016-12-31 19:12:01 -0600 )edit