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Need for a customizable Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) to work in ROS and Gazebo.

asked 2017-01-04 07:25:33 -0600

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Hello everyone, Please help...

I am working on a project where I need UGV designed in ROS and can be simulated in Gazebo and (Preferably contain some sensors such as camera, ultrasonic and Lidar or such sensors can be added to it), and to have an interface with a joystick. also I need to change the shape of this vehicle to a custom made one that I build using .dae file.

I was looking for such vehicle and I found ( Husky , Grizzly , and Jackal) but all are not customizable as I could not neither change there physical appearance nor to add some sensors to them.

1- Husky ( ) 2- Grizzly ( 3- Jackal (

Please if you know such vehicle that I can install and use or if you have a useful suggestions then let me know. I could not build my own because I am still a beginner in this field and I need a moving vehicle (with dynamic model) which is difficult for me to build.

Many thanks in advance, Cheers

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answered 2017-01-04 08:52:37 -0600

nkoenig gravatar image

Please read the gazebo tutorials, which describe how to build mobile robots, add sensors, and change their properties. The Build a Robot Category is ideal for your use case.

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despite this means to start from the beginning but its so useful. thank you...

max9090 gravatar imagemax9090 ( 2017-01-12 05:48:50 -0600 )edit

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