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Gazebo ROS Fuerte PR2 Reset

asked 2013-02-27 21:35:54 -0500

jys gravatar image

updated 2013-02-28 12:42:22 -0500

I mainly use PR2 in ROS Fuerte with Gazebo. However, whenever something goes wrong, I don't seem to have a reliable way of resetting world/robot. (I haven't tested in Groovy or standalone version.)

Whenever I reset Gazebo by "reset model poses" or "reset world", robot will start sliding in one direction.

Everything is fine when I relaunch Gazebo but that is lots of overhead especially on slower machines.

Is there some other way of reliably resetting to the original state? Or, it it a known issue? Thanks!

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answered 2013-03-01 11:26:31 -0500

nkoenig gravatar image
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