Gazebo camera not detecting two or more materials under road tag

asked 2017-04-21 00:54:40 -0600

Akarsh gravatar image

Hi, I am facing a problem while using gazebo camera. i. e camera is not detecting the two or more different materials under road tag. if i use one material, it detects very well. gazebo.png

As You can see here in the screen shot, There is difference between published image and detected image by the camera Please help me to resolve this issue. Thank you.

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This looks like a bug. It would help if you shared the material and SDF files you're using. You could also ticket an issue at

chapulina gravatar imagechapulina ( 2017-04-21 09:51:30 -0600 )edit

Thank you!

Akarsh gravatar imageAkarsh ( 2017-05-15 05:52:54 -0600 )edit

I used "<polyline>" tag to draw the road boundaries, so now the camera is detecting the road boundaries.

Akarsh gravatar imageAkarsh ( 2017-09-11 00:18:31 -0600 )edit