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Joints panel not appearing in gazebo 7

asked 2017-04-25 09:12:32 -0600

shyamashi gravatar image

I am new to ROS and gazebo. I have been going through the tutorials in Steps 8, 9 and 10 don't work for me 8. No dots appearing on the screen 9. No new window appearing 10. The joints panel is supposed to come on the right but not. When the right-click, there is an option to apply force/torque. I tried giving a value for force applied at the center of mass but the robot does not move as said in the tutorial.

I have used the exact same model.config and model.sdf as given in the above link. In short my questions are 1. What to do for getting the Force/Position/Velocity panel at the right side of gazebo 2. Why is the robot not moving even after applying the force

Please help.

image description

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answered 2017-04-25 10:38:09 -0600

chapulina gravatar image

I've noticed that the 3 white dots don't show up on some platforms. Actually on some platforms the edges look white as you can see below.

Could you try dragging the right edge like this?

image description

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what?! There is one more panel??

eugene-katsevman gravatar imageeugene-katsevman ( 2017-04-25 19:55:51 -0600 )edit
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