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any ide or ide plugin for gazebo

asked 2017-05-27 04:26:53 -0600

shawnysh gravatar image

Any ide or ide plugin available for gazebo?

I want to code with function autocompletion

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answered 2017-05-28 11:49:39 -0600

Aiven92 gravatar image

You can use any IDE from this list

I'm use Kdevelop and autocopletion works good.

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Thanks for your reply. The tutorial is for ros, I don't know how to integrate gazebo into one of IDEs. Now I am using roboware for ROS. Is it a common way for integrate lib and include into an IDEs, right? How to do that, could u please give me a hint?

shawnysh gravatar imageshawnysh ( 2017-05-30 00:16:42 -0600 )edit
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