Correct parameters to laser type sensor

asked 2017-06-01 05:08:21 -0600

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updated 2017-06-06 06:38:47 -0600

I am trying to simulate a Hokuyo UST-10LX Scanning Laser Rangefinder presented in this link:

The laser specifications have the following parameters regarding laser accuracy: Accuracy : ±40mm Repeated accuracy : σ< 30mm

The laser repeated accuracy is encoded in the stddev param. My question come from the fact that I don't know if there is any parameter to set the laser accuracy. Now my laser sensor configuration is the following:

 <sensor type="ray" name="hokuyo_sensor">
                0 0.2 ${(laser_optical_height+laser_length/2)+ground_to_base+0.1}
                0 0 ${PI/2}
                        <resolution>1</resolution><!--(max_angle-min_angle)/samples * resolution -->
            <plugin name="laser" filename="">
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