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Spawn SDF and control joints

asked 2017-06-03 04:54:21 -0600

hamzamerzic gravatar image

I have an SDF file of a robot, and would like to be able to control it's joints in the same way as shown in the tutorial here.

The reason why I need this is that I need gearbox joints in my model, like in the example here, but they cannot be parsed in URDF. On the other hand, I also need to able to control joint torques, which seems like it cannot work in SDF.

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answered 2017-06-05 03:11:40 -0600

hamzamerzic gravatar image

So while digging through the source code, I found that the robotParam is parsed for the transmissions. That is also mentioned in the tutorial above, but somehow I missed it. So the solution is to provide the URDF location to the robotParam of controller plugin and the transmissions will be parsed from the URDF.

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