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how to set collider for spawning crops on a field ?

asked 2017-06-07 03:15:17 -0600

crobert gravatar image

Hi gazebo users,

I'm running a agricultural robot simulation. The robot find his way in a leek field and it should not damage any crop. My problem is related with the colliders settings. The leeks shoud have no physical reaction to the robot collision but i must be able to detect any collision between them. The leeks have to stand on a non flat terrain (heightmap generated).

I tried to use collide bitmasks as described on the tutorial ( It seem that the collide bitmask don't have any effect on the robot physics. I tried to set it at zero to see if the robot fall throught the ground but it didn't work. The same test worked with the vegetables. Moreover, i'm having some trouble to find the appropriate way to spawn the vegetables. I'm trying to spawn them above the surface and let them fall to the ground (gravity = 1, kinematic = 0, static = 0) but i don't want them to fall on their side. Any ideas ?

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answered 2017-06-09 03:11:14 -0600

felix gravatar image

For the collision part, I have no idea (I'm quite new to gazebo myself).

For avoiding that the vegetables fall to their side, you can add a prismatic joint between each vegetable and the ground. By doing so, you can restrain the moves of the vegetables to the vertical translation, so they won't fall.

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