liftdragplugin is not working

asked 2017-07-28 03:21:30 -0500

ozan192 gravatar image

I've been attempting to create a model of the at2826 brushless motor with a propeller attached. I'm tyring to use the liftdragplugin to get it to float (by applying a force to the revolute joint of the propeller) just to see if it works however it does not seem to be. I've added the plugin as follows to my model.sdf file.

<plugin name='at2826_5_p_blade_1' filename=''>
  <cp>0 0 0</cp>
  <forward>-1 0 0</forward>
  <upward>0 0 1</upward>

If its relevant I'm using Gazebo7. Has anyone managed to use this? I've tried a quadcopter model I found online and it is also not working when I add a force to its revolute joint. There is another plugin for the second blade but I did not include it (to keep the question tidy)

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