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Gazebo 4 from Source . Unable to Build on Ubuntu 12.04.

asked 2017-08-03 16:10:16 -0500

pchidamb gravatar image

I have successfully installed gazebo4 on Ubuntu 12.04 on a virtual box . I am trying to build from the source. I understand that we are past the end of life for gazebo4 but 12.04 is a requirement for me. I followed instructions from here NOTE when I typed in  sudo apt-get install $(sed 's:\ ::g' <<< $BASE_DEPENDENCIES) $(sed 's:\ ::g' <<< $GAZEBO_BASE_DEPENDENCIES Got the following

*Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package libogre-1.9-dev E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'libogre-1.9-dev' E: Unable to locate package qtbase5-dev E: Unable to locate package libqwt-qt5-dev E: Unable to locate package libignition-transport2-dev E: Unable to locate package libignition-transport3-dev E: Unable to locate package libignition-math3-dev E: Unable to locate package libtinyxml2-dev E: Unable to locate package libsdformat5-dev*

THIS APPEARS TO BE IS OK as from looking at /tmp/ none are needed for gazebo 4

For Gazebo 4 Sdf format 3 can be used . Cloned sdf repo from Go here hg up sdf3 created build folder, cmake failed as it needs g++ 4.8. Hences installed g++4.8 cmake failed again - build error says ignition math2 library needed. Even though above link says only gazebo 6+ needs it !! Please advise. **I did try to install ign math from branch ign-math2 and am able to get past the cmake for sdf, but the make fails ...

/usr/include/boost/type_traits/is_convertible.hpp:135:86: error: use of deleted function ‘boost::filesystem3::directory_iterator::directory_iterator(const boost::filesystem3::directory_iterator&)’ static bool const value = sizeof( boost::detail::checker<to>::_m_check(_m_from, 0) ) ^ Please Advice

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-08-25 12:32:00 -0500

pchidamb gravatar image

Got it working a few weeks back -

Small modification to install from dependencies sdf_2.0 gazebo_4.0 export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/gazebo-4.1/plugins:/usr/local/lib/:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}

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