Best Setup or Solver for soft contact

asked 2017-08-24 10:47:06 -0500

JDJD gravatar image

I am simulating a caged drone in contact/collision with surfaces. The cage allows deformation, and the spring/damper coefficients are studied and available.

In my test I fly horizontally at same speed (1.5m/s) with additional vertical speed against a vertical wall. My parameter setup:

Solver step: 0.001 s, ODE Collision parameters: Kp=20000 N/m, Kd =1, and mu = 1, max_vel = 5.0m/s, min_depth = 0.001

I am trying to compare the deformation of the cage(or intersection), and pitch forward disturbances in the simulation with real life. So far it has been really hard. The disturbance from the simulation is half as big as in real life, and the disturbance is strongly dependent on Kp and step size. Smaller step size (even 0.01ms) leads to stronger disturbance, instead of converge to same results. I know this comes from CFM and ERP definition, but this still troubles me.

Currently I am using the RotorS framework from ETH. I wonder if anybody has experience with modeling collision or contact behavior? Is there anything wrong with my setup or is ODE not the right solver for this?


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