How to update rendering folllowing SetWorldPose() on static link?

asked 2017-09-14 12:07:07 -0500

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In my model plugin, I seem to be able to successfully move links around in the world whilst the simulation is running, whether they are static or not, by calling SetWorldPose() on them during OnUpdate(). If the model they are part of is non-static, they move and render correctly, before rolling around under dynamic simulation - all good. However, if the model they are part of is static, they do not update in the rendered image in the GUI, except unexpectedly and sporadically (presumably proving that the pose has been changed, but rather unhelpfully since I want them to update immediately).

I am trying to move parts of a static model around to act as indicators in the GUI that some hidden variable has changed, that's the context.

So - anyone know what I'm not doing that would cause the rendering to update when I SetWorldPose() on static Links? I've trawled through the API documentation all day, and found no hints.

(Aside: Can anyone can suggest an alternative way to indicate in the scene these hidden variables? I thought of using on/off lights, but couldn't find any examples...)

Thanks for any help.

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