How to use common::mesh for procedurally generating geometry

asked 2017-11-04 11:18:52 -0600

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Howdy folks,

Could anyone point me in the right direction (examples would be nice) on how I would use Common::Mesh to create procedurally generated geometry in Gazebo?

For example, where are the primitive objects (box, sphere and cylinder) generated in the code, I figured that would be a good place to start?

I want to generate terrain and vegetation procedurally ( e.g. trees) from within a plug-in.

Any advise, suggestions, examples, ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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A little bit more in particular: I have an array of vertices, normals and UV-coordinates: how to I "fill up" my common::Mesh object with it? Galto

Galto2000 gravatar imageGalto2000 ( 2017-11-04 14:50:38 -0600 )edit

Another great example on how to turn vertex strips into meshes (which was actually suggested to me before by Carlos Ag├╝ero in another post of mine: ) is in the Terminus project, and more in particular this code:

Galto2000 gravatar imageGalto2000 ( 2017-11-05 10:07:06 -0600 )edit