Platform of smart car, do you have some recommendation.

asked 2018-01-19 17:55:29 -0600

Ji Cai gravatar image

I help others who works on smart car field to find a platform. Platform need 1.operating system 2. can use many sensors like Millimeter wave radar,laser sensor,camera(Monocular or others),Gyro,etc.(I hope it can use multiple sensors, we can install sensors on it.If the sensor is modular, it is better.) 3.Can communicate under wifi environment(if we can only download the code to the car, it is ok) 4.Use lithium battery which can be substituted.5.Price should less than 7500$.

I used to use Gazebo and I saw some model is great, do you think some models are proper platform of smart car?

The car should work indoor. Maybe turtle bot is a good choice, but I think more choice will help great. Do you have some recommendation?Thank you!!

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