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World shifts after reset!

asked 2018-02-27 04:32:09 -0500

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For the following world file, the world (as in, the walls and static objects) suddenly move (as in rotate and translate, all together) after calling the '/gazebo/reset_world' service.

I am running gazebo 8.

It is related to the following --> issue

However, I tried to remove the <state> tag but it breaks my world file. Do you have any idea on this?

Here's the world file:


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answered 2018-03-11 16:25:49 -0500

hari_x gravatar image

I assume you have used Gazebo Interface to modify your world. All the changes you make are stored under the <state> tag. Simply removing the <state> tag won't do. You have to migrate these changes to the original model definitions, for reset_world or reset_simulation service to work.

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