Is it possible to use Gazebo in RTOS?

asked 2018-03-17 10:00:35 -0600

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Hello, I'm trying to set up a hard real-time simulation environment for quadcopter drone simulation. - Simulation environment will be configured with flight controller boards(Pixhawk, ...), PCs and RTOS(Linux/Xenomai, xPC Target, VxWorks or NI Linux Real-time) for PCs.

Before I decide RTOS, I want to know if it is possible to run Gazebo in RTOS without overruns. [Question A: usability of Gazebo in RTOS] - For real time simulation, the system should has real-time-safe O/S (and a proper hardware for that) and real-time-safe simulation software, right? So, I wonder if Gazebo is real-time-safe.

On the other hand, if 'real time factor' (Gazebo parameter displayed in GUI or printed by gzstat) has never decreased less than 0.99 during my simulation, does it guarantee there were no overruns? (of course, the tolerance is 1%) [Question B: meaning of real time factor of Gazebo in RTOS]

Thank you for reading and replying.

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