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Modeling tether (cable) in Gazebo

asked 2018-03-18 01:48:09 -0500

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Hello All, I need your directions on how to model a tether in Gazebo. Just to give you a brief of my project: I am working on the tethered quadcopter estimation and control. I am currently using the ardrone_autonomy package available in ROS and Gazebo. I just need to modify and add the tether part to the drone in order to incorporate the dynamics of the tether in the quadcopter dynamics. So I need the directions of how to start and do I need in order to get this project simulated correctly on Gazebo. All your directions and inputs are highly appreciated. Regards, Amer My research paper can be found here for more information.

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answered 2018-03-27 10:42:51 -0500

Typically, flexible objects/cables are modeled in Gazebo using a series of small links connected with joints.

Check out this related question as well as this fire hose model.

Note: Adding lots of links and joints to your simulation will inevitably decrease simulation performance and may cause instability.

Therefore, you may be better off determining some heuristic function that takes in the distance vector between the quadcopter and the tether point and outputs a force vector estimating the applied force of the tether on the quadcopter. You could then integrate the function into Gazebo via a Gazebo Plugin (perhaps even roll it into whatever quadcopter Gazebo Plugin you are using)

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