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GetBoundingBox() values not changing after scale in gazebo (using : visual_plugin)

asked 2018-03-27 13:11:38 -0500

Gazebo ver: 7.0, ROS : Kinetic [Posted in ros.answers, closed and told to post here]


I am using a visual_plugin to get the box corner points, so later while scaling the object to change the color. I run this plugin inside the box model from the sdf file.

Everything loads good, the box points in the beginning are ok, same as defined in sdf, but if I scale the box (Inside Gazebo), the points when I printout > box_points_, remain the same but if I check in Gazebo into the properties of the box, the points are updated (If I use GetWorldPose(), and printout the pose and move the box, it works, the values are updated). How can I get the boundingbox to update the points in the plugin as I scale.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<sdf version="1.6">
  <world name='default'>   
    <model name="TheBox">  
    <pose frame=''>30 13.9 3.05 0 0 0.012944</pose>

    <link name="TheBox">
        <visual name="visual">
            <size>18 2.9 6</size>
            <ambient>1 0 0 1</ambient>
            <diffuse>1 0 0 1</diffuse>
            <specular>0.1 0.1 0.1 1</specular>
            <emissive>0 0 0 0</emissive>

        <plugin name="BoxManipulator" filename=""/>



#include "BoxManipulator.h"

void BoxManipulator::Load(gazebo::rendering::VisualPtr _parent, sdf::ElementPtr _sdf) {

    // Store the pointer to the model
    this->world_ = _parent;

    this->scene_ =  gazebo::rendering::get_scene();
    this->box_ = this->scene_->GetVisual("TheBox");

    // Listen to the update event. This event is broadcast every simulation iteration.
    this->update_connection_ = gazebo::event::Events::ConnectPreRender(std::bind(&BoxManipulator::OnUpdate, this));

  // Called by the world update start event
  void BoxManipulator::OnUpdate() {

    // Box model
    gazebo::math::Vector3 box_origin_ = this->box_->GetWorldPose().pos;
    gazebo::math::Quaternion box_orientation_ = this->box_->GetWorldPose().rot;

    //Update the points

    //Printout the points
    for (int i = 0; i < box_points_.size(); i++) {
      std::cout << "Box corner points  : [" << i << "] - " << box_points_[i] << std::endl;

    std::cout << std::endl;


    // //Later So I can change the color of the box, in different scales

    //     ROS_INFO("Box smaller than 1^3");
    //     red_ = 1; green_ = 0;
    //     gazebo::common::Color _color(red_, green_, blue_, alpha_);

    //     this->world_->SetAmbient(_color);
    //     this->world_->SetDiffuse(_color);


  bool BoxManipulator::getBoxPoints(void){
    gazebo::math::Vector3 _buff; box_points_.reserve(8);

    _buff.x = this->box_->GetBoundingBox().min.x; _buff.y = this->box_->GetBoundingBox().min.y; _buff.z = this->box_->GetBoundingBox().min.z;
    _buff.x = this->box_->GetBoundingBox().min.x; _buff.y = this->box_->GetBoundingBox().max.y; _buff.z = this->box_->GetBoundingBox().min.z;
    _buff.x = this->box_->GetBoundingBox().min.x; _buff.y = this->box_->GetBoundingBox().max.y; _buff.z = this->box_->GetBoundingBox().max.z;
    _buff.x = this->box_->GetBoundingBox().min.x; _buff.y = this->box_->GetBoundingBox().min.y; _buff.z = this->box_->GetBoundingBox().max.z;

    _buff.x = this->box_->GetBoundingBox().max.x; _buff.y = this->box_->GetBoundingBox().min ...
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answered 2018-05-29 07:08:48 -0500

fitimhalimi gravatar image

I also tried and maybe is something wrong with GetBoundingBox() and hope one day it will be fixed. GetScale() is working fine and its updating the scale factor so you can use this scale factor to get the right values for bounding box.

gazebo::math::Box box_scaled
box_scaled.min = ( box_->GetBoundingBox().min * box_->GetScale() ); 
box_scaled.max = ( box_->GetBoundingBox().max * box_->GetScale() );

then use this box_scaled to get the corner points

_buff.x = box_scaled.min.x; 
_buff.y = box_scaled.min.y; 
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Just tried man, and it works, thank you very much

JimmyHalimi gravatar imageJimmyHalimi ( 2018-05-29 07:39:09 -0500 )edit

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