what are the topics that fly a Hector_quadrotor? [closed]

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I am trying to do the following with Hector_quadrotor :

1- taking off the quadrotor to a certain height, lets say 2 meters.

2- flying forward (along the y-direction) while maintaining the same height (2m).

3- change little bit if needed in the x direction.

4- Enable a camera (if possible) on board to receive images that the quadrotor acquired ( I subscribed to the topic /camera/rgb/image_raw in the case of Turtlebot.

I dont know which topic exactly should X,Y and Z should I publish in/ subscribe to do the above. I have tried to publish on the /cmd_vel topic (z=2) and it did take off and went to 2 then landed however I want it to stay at that level during the whole process (until I send it a message to land). reason behind that is I am doing a a navigation task based on image. I use Matlab to generate the coordination (messages).

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