Creating a raytracing method for a camera plugin and move it around in the world

asked 2018-06-01 10:15:13 -0600

anna.sarp gravatar image

updated 2018-06-01 10:16:52 -0600

I have a camera model in ROS Gazebo world. I created it by following the tutorials here. It generates images as expected. My next step is to divide the image into an M x M grid and do ray tracing for each cell and if it collides with an obstacle in the world at 'k' m from the camera and assign 0 to the cell and 1 if not. The function will be like, mbym_grid = RayTrace(image, k).

How would I go about implementing that function ? I took a look at logical camera plugin in Gazebo but it only returns the object list with pose in the frustrum. I want a ray traced image for each pixel at a plane 'k' m away. Is there an easier way to do that ? Any ROS package that offers a similar solution?

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