DRCSIM: MultiSense SL initial resolution? What messages change it? Is that legal for VRC? [closed]

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The DRCSIM change log says this is done:
MultiSense SL sensor head updates.
Image generation default changed to 1MP (1536 X 816 pixels) @ 30FPS per documentation.

The file drcsim/ros/multisense_sl_description/urdf says (couldn't get the angle brackets to work):

          width 1024
          height 544

for both left and right eyes.

And imagerMode is initialized to 2 in MultiSenseSLPlugin.cpp

    width = 1024;
    height = 544;

Are we supposed to use messages which do not seem to be mentioned in the User Guide to change the resolution?
It is not clear to me what topic to send the message on.

I note that the 1MP mode (imagerMode == 1) seems to be described as 1 - 1MP (2048*544) @ up to 30 fps in MultiSenseSLPlugin.cpp, which is different from 1536 X 816.

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