Got controller gains for six-axis manipulator?

asked 2018-09-16 20:46:26 -0500

raequin gravatar image

updated 2018-09-16 20:46:58 -0500

Do you have working PID gains for the effort_controllers/JointTrajectoryController of a six-axis manipulator that I could use as a starting point for tuning the gains on a UR10? The universal_robot package uses the PositionJointInterface class for getting the joints to their desired positions but this mechanism causes unrealistic interactions between the manipulator and the Gazebo environment. For that reason I've changed the package locally to use the EffortJointInterface following this example. The author notes that the gains there are not working. Please share with me any advice on tuning a 6-R 'bot or working gains for a manipulator.

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