[Err] [Plugin.hh:165] Failed to load plugin libhello_world.so [closed]

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Hallo everyone, my system is Ubuntu 16.04 and use Gazebo 7.14. I try to learn how to use the Plugin function in gazebo. I completed all the steps written on the tutorial. And running cmake and make are fine. Then I added the path

export GAZEBO_PLUGIN_PATH=$HOME/gazebo_plugin_tutorial/build:$GAZEBO_PLUGIN_PATH

Finally running the program has been a problem.

Notebook-PC:~/building_editor_models/gazebo_plugin_tutoria$ gzserver hello.world --verbose

Gazebo multi-robot simulator, version 7.14.0 Copyright (C) 2012 Open Source Robotics Foundation. Released under the Apache 2 License. http://gazebosim.org

[Msg] Waiting for master. [Msg] Connected to gazebo master @ [Msg] Publicized address: [Err] [Plugin.hh:165] Failed to load plugin libhello_world.so: libhello_world.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I have been searching online for a long time and have not found the answer to my question.

Does anyone know what is going on? Thanks a lot.

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just move your libhello_world.so file to usr/lib directory

sudo mv /path_to_libhello_world.so /usr/lib

angel gravatar imageangel ( 2020-04-29 01:46:02 -0500 )edit