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Comparison between Gazebo and V-REP

asked 2018-09-24 08:26:50 -0500

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Hello, I try to make comparaison between Gazebo and V-REP simulators, and i find this link:

Is it true that for Gazebo : 1) The interface froze a number of times and the program, and sometimes the computer, had to be restarted. This occurred, e.g., when editing robot models, starting or stopping the simulation, and in other instances.

2)The UI usability is relatively low. For example, the top application tool bar sometimes disappears, it is not possible to copy and paste multiple objects, or to save a scene into the same file after making changes to it.

3)The model library is not distributed with Gazebo, and it is instead available on-line. On multiple occasions, the library could not be accessed because Gazebo could not connect to its server, even though the computer was connected to the Internet.

4)The model library is a long list of models and particular model types (e.g., robots) can be difficult to find.

Thanks for your help

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answered 2018-10-03 08:32:32 -0500

chapulina gravatar image

There are several things about Gazebo on that paper which are not true. And a few others which may have been true several years ago, but are no longer the case for the latest version, Gazebo 9. Since the paper doesn't mention the version used, I'll answer based on Gazebo 9:

Freezing UI: True, there are occasions in which the UI is known to freeze. The number of times and the specific situations in which it happens vastly vary according to version though. On Gazebo 9, crashing / freezing will rarely happen during basic usage.

Toolbar disappearing: False, I've never seen this happening, but I may be misinterpreting what it means.

Copy paste multiple objects: True, this is not possible.

Save scene into same file: False, you can choose any file when saving, even an existing one. Also, after saving the first time, just hitting Ctrl+S will update the file.

Model library: True, the library is available online and requires an internet connection. And true, there are times when the database is down. Users can always download the whole model database at once by cloning if they don't want to download models at runtime. But yeah, no, we don't distribute a CD ;)

Model types in library: True, models are just listed alphabetically on the UI. We're working on improving this, check out

Some other points which are mistaken:

  • Only DART requires a source install. ODE, Bullet and Simbody don't.
  • Gazebo does not have a code editor.
  • The world does return to its original state if the simulation is reset.
  • Gazebo does output custom videos and plots.
  • Model plugins are listed on the main window, not only on the model editor.
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