Checking for wall between two models?

asked 2018-10-03 12:31:03 -0600

muminovic gravatar image

For some context: I currently have a model of a building in Gazebo. I'm trying to create a simulation of quadcopters flying around the building, and need to figure out a way to check how many walls are in between any two quadcopters (to be able to calculate connectivity, which relies on both distance & number of walls between them). My original plan was to use the coordinates of all the walls in the building, as well as the positions of each drone, to see whether a wall lies in the path between them. However, after exiting the building editor it seems that the only coordinate you can get from the walls are the very center (rather than having access to the beginning/end of the wall like you have in building editor mode). I've seen videos of other people's projects where they have simulations of a robot moving around the simulated world and running into objects, which in turn react as they would in real life (tipping over, shifting, etc).

Clearly there is some way to keep track of object's positions/collisions, but I'm not sure how to approach the problem of figuring out whether a wall of the building/rooms lies in between any two models in the simulated world, given that the information about the building is limited once you exit building editor mode. I'm new to Gazebo so my knowledge is limited, but if anyone has any tips or could point me in the right direction, that would be great!

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