What happens when you save a model in model editor?

asked 2019-02-26 12:04:48 -0500

kumpakri gravatar image

A have spawned a robot from an URDF description into the Gazebo simulation. It's prismatic joints were shaking uncontrollably. But when I opened the model in the model editor and saved it as an SDF model without any change and then closed the editor and unpaused the simulation, the shaking stopped and the robot behaved as expected.

When I start the simulation again, spawn the robot with URDF description, it is shaking as before. If I insert the SDF model model I saved earlier, the inserted model doesn't shake (desired behaviour). URDF always displays the faulty behaviour, the SDF always behaves right. Even though there was no change to the description.

The URDF model includes the problematic prismatic joints in a <gazebo> tags in SDF format to allow for multi-parent links.

Why is this happening?

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