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Difference between writing stuff directly into URDF vs. into <gazebo reference=""> tags?

asked 2019-04-04 15:36:45 -0600

steradiant gravatar image

Hello, I'm wondering what the <gazebo reference=""> tag actually does? Is there a difference between writing stuff directly into a URDF file and writing it into a <gazebo reference=""> tag?

E.g. I can set mue for a link as follows:

 <contact_coefficient mu="100000"  resitution="0"  k_p="0"  k_d="100" />

But also via the tag

 <gazebo reference="link">

What's the difference?

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-04-05 08:59:24 -0600

afroRoboticist gravatar image

As far as I know... A gazebo reference tag tells your ROS URDF file what properties a link should have in gazebo. It defines the behavior of a link when it is spawned within the gazebo environment ONLY. What you put within a gazebo reference tag does not affect how your robot behaves for instance in RVIZ. Case in point... See below

<gazebo reference="front_left_wheel">
  <mu1 value="200.0"/>
  <mu2 value="100.0"/>
  <kp value="1.0e+6"/>
  <kd value="1.0"/>
  <gravity value="true"/>

This snippet reference says for the front_left_wheel link within the gazebo environment... Set values to blablabla... That link would then go on to behave with the set parameters WITHIN GAZEBO only.

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