How to combine 2 Gazebo launch files [closed]

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I just tried to combine the Turtlebot wolds 3 and 4. Here I saved the launch file for the fourth world under a new Name and just added the extra line for the moving objects from the third world. I then get the following launch file:

   <arg name="stage" default="neu"/>
   <param name="stage_number"  value="$(arg stage)"/>
   <node pkg="turtlebot3_dqn" type="turtlebot3_dqn_stage_4" name="turtlebot3_dqn_stage_4" output="screen" />

  <node pkg="turtlebot3_dqn" type="combination_obstacle_1" name="combination_obstacle_1" output="screen" />
   <node pkg="turtlebot3_dqn" type="combination_obstacle_2" name="combination_obstacle_2" output="screen" />
   <node pkg="turtlebot3_dqn"  type="moving_obstacle" name="moving_obstacle" output="screen" />

Here I get the error that the launch file " [turtlebot3__stage_neu.launch] is neither a launch file in package [turtlebot3_gazebo] nor is [turtlebot3_gazebo] a launch file Name. I already sourced the bashrc and did catkin_make. I can also find turtlebot3_gazebo by roscd.

Thank you for your help!

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I think your question is confusing and the doesn't provide relevant information. Your error is about the turtlebot3__stage_neu.launch file not being found by ROS. Perhaps it would be more useful to list your folder tree, maybe content of the CMakeLists.txt. Show the command how you launch the whole thing. The top-most launch file. Something relevant to your problem.

kumpakri gravatar imagekumpakri ( 2019-06-20 07:26:47 -0500 )edit