Unable to rotate the robot using differential drive controller.

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I am using gazebo along side with ros. My robot can move back and forth as expected but i have hard time to rotate it. The robot weights about 180 kg (all the links above the wheels). All wheels rotate around joint positive x-axis.

my current values for friction are

  <gazebo reference="c1_prismatic_link">
    <mu1 value="0.2"/>
    <mu2 value="0.2"/>

I have also tried different value for mu1, mu2 , fdir, kp, kd. But nothing worked.

   <gazebo reference="c1_prismatic_link">
    <mu1 value="200"/>
    <mu2 value="100/>
    <kp value="10000000.0" />
    <kd value="1.0" />
    <fdir>1 0 0 </fdir>

Here is my github link, video. In the video you can observe although wheels are rotating in opposite direction the robot simply moving forward or backward rather that rotating. I am happy to provide any information if needed. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Did you find out the solution, i have the same problem.

UgurY gravatar imageUgurY ( 2022-02-27 09:41:50 -0500 )edit