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Gazebo Physics Solver Type: quick vs. world

asked 2012-11-15 09:45:58 -0500

RoboUser gravatar image

Can anyone expand upon the quantitative/qualitative differences between running with the "quick" or "world" solver settings in Gazebo?

My understand is the quick solver is faster than world, but at what expense? Is one or the other quantitatively more accurate?

Is the world solver currently supported? In the latest DRCsim release changing the solver type to "world" makes the sim fail.

Many thanks

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1 Answer

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answered 2013-02-19 16:53:40 -0500

vcparedesc gravatar image

Hi RoboUser,

When you use "world" you are using a method that takes more time in computation and memory. Conversely, using "quick" is faster and uses less memory.

However, "world" is more accurate than "quick". If you are simulating a big system using "world" it could take much more time and use a lot of resources of your computer. (maybe this was the cause of the crash simulating the DRC)

Btw, You can have more information about the ODE solver in the ODE page.

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