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HI, I would like to add virtual pressure(tactile) sensors in to my Gazebo simulator

asked 2019-07-15 23:48:32 -0500

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HI, I would like to add virtual pressure(tactile) sensors in to my Gazebo simulator

I know, I have to use Gazebo plugin "" but, I don't know how

I have to attach virtual pressure(tactile) sensors in to my URDF form structure

I think there are pretty many hints and examples on SDF form structure

but, I can't find nice example on how to attach virtual pressure(tactile) sensors on URDF form structure using Gazebo plugin ""

Could you help me???

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answered 2019-09-06 09:04:07 -0500

Duckfrost gravatar image

updated 2019-09-12 06:19:41 -0500

Here you have the ROSject as a plug and play solution for the DogBot: ROSject

Here you have the git with all the code: GIT

Here you have a video explaining all the process: VIDEO

Basically what I have done to have a pressure sensor is to use the that gives among other things force on the point of contact. The tricky part is to get the collision element name. This is not trivial because if you come from a XACRO or URDF, it will be most probable that you didn't even give a name to the collision element. So the best way is to convert your URDF or XACRO into SDF, and the get the collision element name.

With this script convert XACRO->URDF->SDF

echo "Cleaning sdf and urdf"
rm -rf dogbot.sdf dogbot.urdf
rosrun xacro dogbot.xacro > dogbot.urdf
gz sdf -p dogbot.urdf > dogbot.sdf
echo "Generated SDF".

This is how you would place it in a XACRO or URDF:

<gazebo reference="${prefix}_${suffix}_foot">
  <mu1 value="2000.0"/>
  <mu2 value="1000.0"/>
  <kp value="${kp}" />
  <kd value="${kd}" />

  <!-- Contact Sensor -->
  <sensor name="my_foot_contactsensor_sensor" type="contact">
    <plugin name="my_foot_plugin" filename="">


The critical part is: parent_of_my_foot_fixed_joint_lump__my_foot_collision_5 This is normally generated by the union between the parent, the joint type and the child ( your link with the contact sensor ).

Hope it helped.


I hadded a tutorial also on how to represent these pressuer sensor readings in RVIZ

Check this video for all the details: VIDEO RVIZ Respresentation

I essentially had to create a world to base_link TF publisher and also an Arrow markers publisher for each contact sensor:

image description

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