How to solve No namespace found error in Gazebo ?

asked 2019-07-26 10:39:17 -0600

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I have been trying to launch a robot by first spawning it in gazebo and then later the controllers using roslaunch. I had succefully launched the robot yesterday, but now when I am trying to launch, I am having "No namspace found" error from gazebo. I remember getting this error last time as well and when I exported gazebo paths , it worked, this time even after I exported GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH and GAZEBO_RESOURCE_PATH, the error still appears. Here are the commands I have used to load the model.

roslaunch spider_gazebo spider_world.launch

spdier_gazebo is the catkin package which has the world launch file. I have sourced my catkin workspace aswell. these are the commands I am using to export gazebo environment variables,

GAZEBO_RESOURCE_PATH=$GAZEBO_RESOURCE_PATH:~/catkin_ws/src/spider/spider_gazebo/worlds GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH=$GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH:~/catkin_ws/src/spider/spider_gazebo/worlds

The xacro file of my model is in path catkin_ws/src/spider/spider_description/urdf and the world map is in catkin_ws/src/spider/spider_gazebo/worlds

can anyone please help me with this ?

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