Diff_Drive and control node breaks continuous joints

asked 2019-08-01 10:21:20 -0600

pondr gravatar image

I have followed the common tutorials and run into a problem integrating my work. I have 2 things I created, a 2-wheeled drive robot with a caster and a controller node to drive a robot via cmd_vel. The controller node works well on the husky robot. When I try to use my designed URDF robot and my controller node the driving wheels appear at the origin. If I launch a world without the controller node the wheels appear fine. Catkin clean also seems to fix the problem for maybe 1 launch (where I can control the robot and use my URDF robot). In other weird cases I have seen the catkin clean breakymy controller code and then that lets the wheels render normally.. Its an odd bug that is changing behavior.

see github for the code. My_controller and my_bot repos. Let me know if posting code is preferred.. it would just be verbose.



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