Distortion parameters in depth sensor

asked 2019-10-07 09:37:33 -0500

Boris94 gravatar image

I added depth sensor with plugin to my project based on this tutorial.
Is there any problem with distortion parameters in sensor that is type "depth"? because i tried multiple values and it looks like it's doing nothing

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if add distortion parameters to camera tag also, it seems to work for rgb image from depth sensor, but it still doesnt work for depth image

Boris94 gravatar imageBoris94 ( 2019-10-08 03:29:06 -0500 )edit

Did you try using tag names like this:

  • <distortion_k1>0.0</distortion_k1>

This is what I saw in the turtlebot sim for depth sensor.

asaglam gravatar imageasaglam ( 2020-12-12 11:38:39 -0500 )edit