image in OnNewFrame to opencv

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Hi All,

I have the following code:

 void OnNewFrame(const unsigned char *_image,
    unsigned int _width, unsigned int _height, unsigned int _depth,
    const std::string &_format)
        // show in opencv
        char *data;
        data = new char[(_height * _width * 3) + 1]; // rgb 8 bit data
        memcpy(data, _image, _height * _width * 3);
        cv::Mat image(_height, _width, CV_8UC3, data);
        cv::imshow("camera", image);
        delete data;

I want to try to copy an image into opencv, but Gazebo show an error on cv::imshow("camera", image); Something with undefined symbol: _ZN2cv6imshowERKNS_6StringERKNS_11_InputArrayE. Any special compiler flags I need to set in my ROS launch file or CMakeList / package file?

Thanks in advance, Peter

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