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setting `<minDepth>` in gazebo tags does not propagate to robot description

asked 2019-11-14 02:53:06 -0500

kumpakri gravatar image

When I set the minDepth parameter in the URDF file for my robot's wheels

<gazebo reference="wheel_rear_right_link">

inside the Gazebo simulation I found that the min_depth parameter is set to 0 regardless. When I convert the xacro to sdf, those tags are not present in the code. Other gazebo elements for links from this tutorial also does not work.

But setting the sensor on the link inside the same gazebo reference tags does load the sensor. What does that imply?

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1 Answer

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answered 2020-03-03 14:12:47 -0500

rittersb gravatar image

updated 2020-07-10 16:57:14 -0500

From what I have found I usually try to follow the SDFormat Specifications tags over those found in the tutorial. Something like this has worked for me:

  <gazebo reference="wheel_rear_right_link">

This took a little digging through gazebo and sdf, but this is the gazebo code that loads the min_depth parameter as a surface parameter in gazebo. This sdf code is where the tag <minDepth> is parsed. I have not gotten the <minDepth> tag to work either, but I do know some of those tags listed in the tutorial do work, such as <provideFeedback>, so it is possibly a bug or I just don't know how to properly use <minDepth>.

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For me it does not work either way.

kumpakri gravatar imagekumpakri ( 2020-07-14 02:56:05 -0500 )edit

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