Turtlebot odometry increases instantaneously

asked 2019-11-14 12:10:04 -0500

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I am setting up a virtual environment in gazebo using the turtlebot2.
When I send an oscillating velocity signal (just regarding the linear velocity in x) the rostopic "/gazebo/model_states" shows, that the turtlebot2 is actually accelerating and not setting directly the velocity. This is what I actually want.
The odometry on the other side is calculated on the speed of the left/right wheel link and its diameter. Which makes sense for me, but results in an almost instantaneously setting of the velocity. I have set mu very high, to ensure the wheels to not start spinning. Nevertheless the value of the odometry is able to follow the oscillating signal (with acceleration going towards infinity).
Any ideas, why the wheels behave like this and the state of the base_link seems to be accelerated correctly? Has anyone worked with the standard turtlebot2 simulation and can confirm that the robot is accelerating (as suggested by model_states) and not directly setting the velocity (as suggested by odometry)? How can I access the acceleration of each wheel, which seem to end with the velocity signal going into the gazebo node. Is the actual controller, which sends torque to each wheel link, within gazebo?


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