Maximum update rate for ray sensor

asked 2020-01-09 10:39:34 -0500

RedDave gravatar image

I have a simple 2D lidar model SDF that I have created to simulate a real lidar we are building. I have attempted to set the update_rate to 1000, in order to acquire simulated data in a certain form. However, the scan data coming out into ROS is only about 30Hz.

I have changed the value to 2 and 20 and get approximately 2 and 20Hz respectively, but there seems to be an upper limit of ~30Hz.

Is this a known and expected thing? Is there a way increase the rate beyond this?

note: * I do not care about simulation ratio, I am okay with the simulator running massively below real time. (Already at 0.19%). * I have not overridden the physics in the world file, so have the default. The Gazebo client seems to say this has a max_step_size of 0.001, which means that every plugin should get pinged and given chance to act every simulated millisecond, if my understanding is correct. So 1000Hz should be the practical maximum.

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