Collision box not working properly

asked 2020-01-15 13:24:22 -0500

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So, my world is composed by two models, a mobile robot and a maze. I was exporting my meshs from solidworks before and everything was doing fine. But, I decided changing the base floor for a mesh generated by blender ( there i've extruded a plane) and setted it as my maze's floor collision box inside my urdf.

The problem is the new maze's collision box seems to ignore some of my robot's collision mesh, as you can see in the photos bellow.

Here you can see that it completely ignores the little collision box in the front of the robot's base. The contact is only between this ring around the robot's base and the maze's floor.

image description

image description

And Here, the collision is working well between the robot's wheels and the maze's floor.

Couldn't figure out what is happening.

image description

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