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My compiler doesn't find the gazebo libraries.

asked 2020-03-04 14:14:03 -0500

FranJRO gravatar image

Hello everyone.

I don't understund why, but my compile, visual studio code, Can't find gazebo libraries and make me an error, don't compile. In this case I'm using this libraries (all make and error):

#include <ignition math="" pose3.hh="">

#include "gazebo/physics/physics.hh"

#include "gazebo/common/common.hh"

#include "gazebo/gazebo.hh"

I've also use another compiler, KDevelop and the same error. I have installed properly gazebo, and I've try with the vcpkg of visual studio but this item can not be installed in my mchine, I don't know why neither. I'm desesperated.

If anyone coul help me, thanks.

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1 Answer

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answered 2020-03-05 04:23:47 -0500

joe28965 gravatar image

You need to add the include path to your configuration of your c/c++ extension. You can do this by clicking on the line which has the error. The light bulb should show up and you can click it. The first option should be something along the lines of edit "include path" settings click that and add /usr/include/gazebo-7 to the box with include paths. That should resolve your issue. Also, they should just be #include <gazebo/physics/physics.hh>

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