Error installing Gazebo on Windows following the tutorial

asked 2020-03-08 13:31:13 -0500

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Hi everybody, I am trying to follow the tutorial to install Gazebo 11 on Windows 10 build 1903.

First and formost some dependency links are broken. However I figured out how to find those files on the Internet: they are protobuf 3.4.1 and zlib.

Morever, I experienced several errors in step 8. When executing configure.bat I got the error reported below.In particular, the system isn't able to find the labels :download_unzip_install and :install_ign_project ign-cmake, referred in the batch extract:

:: Install dependencies

call %win_lib% :download_unzip_install

call %win_lib% :install_ign_project ign-cmake ign-cmake2

Note: win_lib on my PC is empty.

Please, can somebody help me? Thanks in advance.

Details of the command execution:

C:\Users\Asus\gz-ws\ign-math>configure Debug

C:\Users\Asus\gz-ws\ign-math>call  :download_unzip_install
Impossibile trovare l'etichetta batch specificata - download_unzip_install

C:\Users\Asus\gz-ws\ign-math>call  :install_ign_project ign-cmake ign-cmake2
Impossibile trovare l'etichetta batch specificata - install_ign_project
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got the same error here

shadowzone22 gravatar imageshadowzone22 ( 2020-06-13 15:55:29 -0500 )edit