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ROS2 Ignition Gazebo in VM with ogre1

asked 2020-03-19 08:43:55 -0500

Tomlogan gravatar image

Hi, I try to test gazebo ignition through a Ubuntu 18.04 VM with OpenGL capabilities and I obtain this error when I launch :

ign gazebo lights.sdf -v 4

and it's all blurry and the interface is unworkable at all.

Is there some limitations using ogre1 in Gazebo for now ?

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answered 2020-03-19 13:24:18 -0500

chapulina gravatar image

I've been using Ignition with Ogre 1 and 2 without any issues both on Ubuntu and inside Docker containers. So I guess the problem is coming from the VM. Does Gazebo-classic work for you?

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Yes it works, I succeed with docker and rocker but in my VM it was a very strange behavior, maybe it comes from the OpenGL version inside it (2.0)

Tomlogan gravatar imageTomlogan ( 2020-03-20 03:08:27 -0500 )edit
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