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Heightmap providers for the DEM tutorial

asked 2020-03-23 05:27:13 -0500

Tomlogan gravatar image

Hi everyone, I try the tutorial of Gazebo for heightmap DEM. Some links are dead and the tutorial cannot continue. I look for an elevation map provider and the link with Gazebo and the GDAL library.

Is there someone with this issue too ?


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answered 2020-04-03 06:32:02 -0500

logito gravatar image

I found the following tutorial helpful: It also points to a source for the DEM (but use it only for testing, the map gets scaled before downloading it because it is intended to be used in a computer game).

A great tool to automate the entire process to get the DEM into Gazebo is this one:

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Thanks I didn't receive a notification of your answer :( I'm looking for something more precise but I don't think it exist. I stock the tool to automate that 2 months ago, I didn't get time to test it :P.

Tomlogan gravatar imageTomlogan ( 2020-04-06 10:06:32 -0500 )edit
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