Gserver segmentation fauilt

asked 2020-03-26 17:10:55 -0500

rrklutz gravatar image

Hi, I'm trying to simulate a Rethink Sawyer Robot in gazebo with ros integration inside a docker container. I'm running Ros Melodic and gazebo 9.0. I've downloaded the official moveit and gazebo bindings from rethink's github. When I try the example simulation:

roslaunch sawyer_gazebo sawyer_world.launch debug:=true

I see that gzserver segfaults. Here is the log with the crash happening near the end:


Here is the launch file that it is using.

One other odd thing I've noticed, sometimes gazebo starts successfully, but the model it loads up is missing a joint: image description

On a final note: gdb for some reason can't attach to the process. I see that the debug flag is used in the gazebo_ros package to run the debug script. This doesn't allow me to attach the debugger the normal way (eg: `launch-prefix="xterm -e gdb ... "). Any work arounds for this?

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