Wheel-terrain interaction with Gazebo

asked 2020-03-26 19:48:11 -0500

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Up to now, I haven't found any evidence that Gazebo physics engine provides an accurate simulation of the wheel-terrain interaction between rigid wheels and soft soils. According to the ODE documentation, only the contact between rigid wheels and rigid soils is simulated through the Coulomb Friction Model.

I would like know if any of you has some knowledge on how to simulate the contact between rigid wheels and soft, deformable soils in Gazebo.

Thanks in advance !

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I am not sure if that is possible. If it is, I am fairly certain that is going to run really slow, but if you don't need to run it in real time then ProjectChrono may have what you are looking for.

rittersb gravatar imagerittersb ( 2020-04-03 18:03:50 -0500 )edit